State Report Shows Growth in Academic Achievement for SPS

Springfield Public Schools is showing many positive trends in the Annual Performance Report for the 2018-2019 school year.

The report from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shows the district’s scores against state standards on the Missouri Assessment Program, or MAP, tests that are given each spring.

“This year’s APR results highlight several areas of progress and notable achievement,” Dr. John Jungmann, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, said in a statement. “We are pleased to see growth as a district in English Language Arts, gains in attendance, and significant progress in our graduation rate.”

The report shows that SPS exceeds growth expectations for English Language Arts, and the district is in line with the state average. However, the district’s performance in math falls short of the state average.

“The MAP test is one of the many ways school districts ensure we are meeting the educational needs of our students,” Dr. Jungmann said. “High academic standards will help prepare Missouri students for success, both in school and beyond. We are committed to providing all children in our district with those opportunities for success.”

“SPS will continue to be purposeful in our strategic action to benefit each and every student.”

The district showed an overall graduation rate of 88.5%, an increase of 2.7%. The report states black students showed a 7.1% increase, Hispanic students 6.2% increase, and English Language Learners showed an 11.9% increase.

Almost 91% of SPS graduates in 2018 were placed in college/university or technical colleges, in the military, or had found a job.

Over 20,000 students attended more than 90% of the school year.

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