OI Exclusive: A Look Inside the New Greene County Operations Center

Greene County officials allowed OI to take a tour of the new Greene County Operations Center as they were putting the final touches on the building.

The new building will allow the county to bring the county mailroom, maintenance, supply services, and multiple workshops (print, woodworking, microfilm) under one roof with corresponding storage for all those departments.

Currently those facilities are located in places like the basement of the old commission offices and the former Color Tile building. The new building not only gives each of the departments more space for their work, but allows for the county to save on costs by having the departments sharing supplies.

Here is an inside look of the new facility:

The design of the loading dock was laid out with a focus on efficiency for all kinds of vehicles. On the left, a dock for pickup trucks, the middle is for tractor-trailers and the right allows other vehicles to drive into the warehouse area.
The new county mailroom. Not only will the space be used for handling all of the county’s mail and packaging, it will also allow space for county offices to pick up supply orders in one central location.
The microfilm room where county documents will be placed on microfilm versus keeping them in paper storage; freeing up additional space in county buildings for new offices.
The new darkroom facility for the county to develop photographs and microfilms.
New storage area for all county office supplies.
A break room for all departments sharing the building.
The new, larger print shop for the county.
The building’s conference room area will have a public entrance and a private entrance for staff. The room will be open to county meetings for departments other than those housed within the complex.
View from the second level of the new warehousing area for the woodworking, plumbing and other supplies. All racks are bolted to the floor to maintain safety once supplies are moved in.
The new facility has storage areas on the second level that will allow not only additional supply storage but allow for expansion in the future should the county need additional office spaces.
A locker room area for the staff. Bathrooms near the lockers include showers should plumbers or other staff come into contact with undesirable substances during their workday.
The new county paint shop, large enough for vehicles.
The county woodworking shop. The room is equipped with a vacuum system that will collect all the sawdust for recycling.
The initial designs for the building included skylights to allow natural light into the building, but potential issues with water leaks lead to the use of translucent panels that allow more outside light to illuminate the building.
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