Traffic Lights Being Removed at Highway 13 and Route O

Residents in the area of Highway 13 and State Route O are not happy with MoDOT following the announcement they will be removing traffic lights at the intersection and replacing them with “J turns.”

This means anyone traveling Route O that wants to travel northbound on Highway 13 will have to first head south, and then make a U-turn about 2,000 feet south of the Highway 13/Route O intersection.

MoDOT engineers say the move is being made to reduce crashes at the intersection. They cited the fact many drivers don’t expect a traffic signal on a high speed highway and that can increase the intensity of accidents.

According to MoDOT statistics, “J turns” can reduce crashes by up to 35% at most intersections.

The lights will be taken down after morning rush hour today.

Residents in the area are unhappy with the change, stating while they are in favor of safety improvements, the new requirements for U-turns for those heading northbound is inconvenient and could be dangerous.

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