Local Attorney Accused of Paying Witness for False Testimony

A local Springfield attorney is being accused of paying a prisoner to implicate someone else in a 2008 murder.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that 38-year-old Adam Woody paid a prisoner to lie in connection with an action in 2016 that brought a new trial for his client. The trial was granted on the basis that an alternate juror was improperly used in the first trial of Michael Amick.

Woody is accused of Class D felonies: Tampering with a witness in a Felony Prosecution and Perjury in a Procedure involving a Felony Charge.

Missouri CaseNet lists the initial arraignment for Woody in Butler County is scheduled for October 31, 2019.

Woody’s attorney claims in a statement sent to KOLR that convicted felons are making false accusations against his client and that Woody would never tell a witness to lie.

“These charges are based upon statements made by convicted felons and in one instance a four-time convicted murderer,” attorney Thomas Carver said in a statement. “Woody vehemently denies any wrongdoing and looks forward to establishing his innocence.”

If Woody is found guilty, he could face sentences of up to seven years on each charge.

(Photo of Adam Woody courtesy Facebook.)

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