Sales Tax Oversight Board Reports to Greene County Commission

The Greene County Sales Tax Oversight Board reported to the Commission during their monthly Commission Court session about the General Revenue II fund.

The report to the Commission stated that the projected revenues for 2018 in the resolution fell far short of actual collected funds. The resolution projected the 2018 revenue at just over $21 million dollars; the real receipts for the year totaled $17,389,725. The drop was attributed to economic reasons and the state failing to provide a $1 million increase in boarding revenue.

The resulting decrease in revenue meant a mostly even decrease in five areas mentioned as part of the resolution: Environmental Initiatives, General Revenue Stability, Community Projects, the Justice System, and Capital Projects.

The funds were decreased from their projected amounts from the resolution as follows:

Environmental Initiatives: $1.5 million resolution, $1,323,794 spent; decrease of 11.75%

General Revenue Stability: $377,009 resolution; $226,238 spent; decrease of 40%

Community Projects: $995,500 resolution; $747,289 spent; decrease of 25%

Justice System: $1,887,664 resolution; $1,203,090 spent; decrease of 36.3%

Capital Projects: $2,936,284 resolution; $1,842,811 spent; decrease of 37.2%

The measure passed by voters also included provisions for additions to the county’s cash reserves to ensure operating requirements. The resolution called for $6,039,845, and $9,303,185 was added to the cash reserves, an increase of 54%.

The ledger shown by the Board stated the projected available cash for operations under the resolution would be $7,271078; the actual 2018 cash basis was $833,179.

The board noted that in multi-year plans there will be changes to information and revenue projections; they also noted staff was handling the changes.

A special note was made about the revisions regarding the construction of the new Greene County Jail; it noted the Commission’s approach to addressing the jail population with other programs such as mental health initiatives spearheaded by Commissioner Harold Bengsch. The report notes that while the Commission is seeking that approach, there will be nothing done that will keep those who cause physical or emotional harm to others or who commit an act against children to be incarcerated because of the jail being full.


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