Richard Bruton Quintet at the Dugout

by Ed Peaco

Some mid-week jazz agendas have been changed, including the revitalization of the Richard Bruton Quintet at the Dugout, 7-10 p.m.on Tuesdays. Brandon Mezzelo has moved to The Hepcat on Wednesdays.

Richard’s band includes Richard, saxophones and EWI; Sid Norris, trombone; Ryan Talbot, keys; Landon Rolfe, electric bass; and Jacob Henderson, drums. 

They are focusing on groove-oriented music such as David Sanbornand the Brecker Brothers. The band also enjoys Latin and jazz standards from the ’60s and ’70s — tunes associated with John ColtraneJoe HendersonStanley Turrentine and Freddie Hubbard.

The Quintet’s horn players have contrasting sounds: Richard on tenor flairs and surges, and listen to different textures on EWI; Sid has a percolating gait that often overboils. 

Landon has a fluid approach to the bass that he uses whether he’s supporting or soloing (at least when I was listening carefully). Ryan playing keys often makes me think of the organ, even though he is not playing the organ. 

During “Sugar” and one David Sanborn song, both a little languid in consistency, Jacob shook up the tunes by delivering snappy, choppy, hair-trigger swinging. So, if you want to enjoy one of the somewhat leisurely songs, you can listen that way. Or, if you want your brain to be jostled around a bit, you can listen to the drums.

In any case, the Dugout offers a laid-back vibe where beer, burgers, sandwiches, wings and hanging out go nicely with jazz. 

Brandon’s jam feature on Wednesdays, now called The Omnibus Sessions, happens at The Hepcat. Meanwhile, The Hepcat has been expanding its jazz programming with a somewhat upscale climate.

The Bruton Quintet plays on Tuesdays until 10 p.m. MOJO ends its evening at 9 p.m. at The Hepcat. MOJO fans could expand their jazz evening with the last set of the Quintet at the Dugout.

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