Doctor and Attorney Brad Bradshaw Facing Massive Tax Lien

According to IRS data posted by the Springfield Business Journal, local doctor and lawyer Brad Bradshaw is facing a tax lien over $700,000.

The report says that Bradshaw and his wife were assessed with a lien of over $701,000 on September 19, connected to their work with the campaign to back Amendment 3.

Amendment 3 was related to medical marijuana and would have set up a 15 percent sales tax on marijuana for a research group on cancer. Bradshaw would have been the leader of the group as an unpaid volunteer, and would have had the power to select the first nine members of the group’s board of directors.

Missouri voters passed Amendment 2 on medical marijuana. Bradshaw backed Amendment 3 failed with 68.5% of voters choosing no.

Bradshaw had made a number of loans to the committee Find The Cures, which was promoting Amendment 3.

OI reached out to Bradshaw’s office for comment but did not receive any response by publication time.

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