Thousands Attend 2019 Farm Fest

Thousands of Ozarks residents with a connection to Missouri’s agriculture industry descended on the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds this weekend for the 2019 Farm Fest.

The event, which began in 1980, featured nearly thousand booths connecting to every aspect of the agriculture industry.

The event is a financial boon for the Springfield area, as many attendees spend more than one day at the event, causing local hotels and motels to be filled to capacity. Organizers say that the attendees also usually visit Branson during their weekend in the area.

Organizers say the majority of attendees come from the four state area and are not full time farmers, working a job in a city and then working the farm after job hours.

The event focused on showing the latest in technology that could help farmers maximize their farm yield even if they can’t work full time on their farms.

Despite poor weather, attendance was reportedly among the highest in the event’s history.

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