Springfield City Council Preview October 7, 2019

Springfield City Council’s meeting tonight will cover a wide variety of issues from eminent domain to short term rental appeals to the appointment of a hearing examiner.

The biggest item on the agenda is a one-reading resolution to appoint a hearing examiner to investigate a claim that Councilwoman Jan Fisk violated the city code of Springfield. The resolution calls for the appointment of former 30th Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Thompson as the hearing examiner.

The resolution will be open to public comment and will likely be voted upon at the conclusion of the public comment time. With eight Council members having signed the request for the appointment of the examiner, it is likely this measure will pass.

A measure up for second reading and vote would allow the process to move forward for eminent domain over properties connected to the Beechwood Heights Storm Water Project. The measure is likely to pass, although several members of Council expressed during initial debate their desire for the city to reach a settlement with the property owners rather than seizing the land through eminent domain in court.

A one-reading resolution would amend the city’s Land Development Code to classify manicurists and estheticians as home occupations.

Public hearings will also take place on a variety of planning and zoning issues. A resolution will consider re-establishment of the Kansas and Kearney Community Improvement District. Changes to the Springfield City Code to establish new job titles and a full-time position for the airport are also to be considered in public hearing time.

An ordinance will be voted on that will remove the section from the city code related to the expired rules on disclosure that Council did not renew for the following two years when Council chose to follow the state’s requirements through 2021.

The Council’s meeting will begin around 6:30 p.m. in the historic city hall’s Council chambers.

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