Burrell Honored by Boys & Girls Clubs

Burrell Behavioral Health has been honored for their work helping the staff and youth of area Boys & Girls Clubs.

Burrell received the Key Community Partner award for their “commitment to providing effective input and services to help young people thrive in our community.”

Burrell’s partnership is aimed at identifying mental health needs, connecting members with mental health resources and professionals, and making sure parents and staff have necessary information for when Burrell staff are not available or present.

The partnership between Burrell and Boys & Girls Clubs has allowed close to 150 children to gain access to mental health services that they otherwise would not have been able to access. Overall, Burrell received close to 300 referrals from staff and member parents.

Burrell also provides specialists on site who can provide mental health services to a family who doesn’t qualify for help in any other way.

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