Both Tulsa Murder Suspects in Custody After Wednesday Traffic Stop

It was just a traffic stop on East Battlefield Road in Springfield.

But for Nicholas Gibson, it was the end of the line.

U.S. Marshals arrested Gibson following a traffic stop early Wednesday afternoon. Gibson was wanted in connection with the killing of 53-year-old Michael Binder inside a Tulsa apartment.

Springfield police had partnered with U.S. Marshals on Tuesday after reports that Gibson and a suspected accomplice in the case, Ruth Blair, were at a home on West Chestnut Street. After spending hours surrounding the house, it was discovered that while the couple’s suspected vehicle was at the house, the couple was not inside the home.

Police then received information that Blair was a short distance away from that home, hiding inside a residence on North Hillcrest Avenue. Blair was taken into custody after a standoff at that location.

Gibson had been spotted in the area but police were unable to take him into custody on Tuesday.

Authorities have not yet released why they think the suspects had traveled to the Springfield area.

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