Community Partnership of the Ozarks Announces New Partnership

Community Partnership of the Ozarks has announced they are the new home of the Bridge Springfield: Brother to Brother Program.

The program aims to provide a support system for those attending local colleges and provide resources to assist in college completion. The program is the only citywide chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood.

SAAB was founded in 1990 in response to low African American male attendance and graduation rates. Today, the organization is open to any race and gender, focusing on helping the next generation be “globally competitive.”

Springfield’s chapter, the only one in the United States that uses a citywide model, began in 2014 in a joint effort of Missouri State University (MSU), in partnership with Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC), Drury University, Evangel University, Southwest Baptist University (MODES) and Springfield Public School district.

For the last two years, CPO has been working with the group in connection with Missouri State’s Chief Diversity Officer Wes Pratt.

“CPO has always focused on workforce development as well as positive youth and young adult development and mentoring, so it was a perfect fit for B2B to have CPO as their new home,” Janet Dankert, President / CEO of CPO said in a statement.

CPO has announced they will continue the partnership with MSU’s Division for Diversity and Inclusion and OTC which has supported the local chapter.

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