Branson Moves City’s Code Enforcement into Police Department

by Melody Pettit

The City of Branson’s Code Enforcement operations have moved from the Planning & Development Department to the Police Department as part of a reorganization to streamline the City’s enforcement services. This move is intended to better align roles and responsibilities within the City’s organizational structure. This move took place and became effective Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Code Enforcement’s primary role and responsibilities will remain the same, including all property maintenance and nuisance inspections covered in City Code. Code Enforcement enforces codes to eliminate debris, overgrown or littered lots, abandoned or derelict vehicles, and other property maintenance violations that result in keeping Branson safe and presentable. It also works to eliminate blight and prevent vacant structures from becoming unsightly or dangerous throughout the City of Branson.

Code Enforcement’s daily operations will continue to provide the highest level of service to our community. Current and future Code Enforcement program budgets will transfer from the Planning & Development Department to the Police Department. Current and future Public Safety funding specifically intended for public safety programs (Fire/Police) will remain separate and apart from the Code Enforcement budgeting.

To read more about Branson’s Code Enforcement services or to report a suspected nuisance violation online, go to our website at

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