Springfield Public Schools Starts Third Year of Club Encore

Springfield Public School has begun their third year of providing extra instruction to students with a free, after-school tutoring program called Club Encore.

The program, designed for 2nd through 6th grade students, can have up to 40, 90-minute sessions each semester in reading and math.

“Second through fifth grade are critical years for student development and their overall academic success at school,” Hannah Parsley, coordinator of instructional support and intervention, said in a statement. “But last year, grade six was added because the district wanted to expand tutoring opportunities to even more learners.”

Last school year, just over 2,000 Club Encore students participated in over 81,000 hours of additional learning on reading and math, with the average student receiving 40 hours of free tutoring.

The program has shown significant results for the district. In the last year, students who participated in Club Encore had significantly higher scores in math and reading along with having a higher average attendance rate than students who did not participate in the program.

The program also helps many students who are part of the free or reduced lunch program. Seven out of every ten students in the program obtain free or reduced lunch. A part of the Club Encore program was providing free after-school snacks for the students.

Over 90 percent of the tutors in the program are educators in the Springfield school district. Parsley notes that connection between teachers and students makes a difference.

“Club Encore students also get to form a relationship with a tutor who can address their individual learning needs in a smaller setting,” Parsley said. “We know those things make a difference, and it’s great to see it in action.”

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