Delaware, Rountree, Phelps, And University Heights Residents Invited to City Sewer Meeting

The city of Springfield is hosting two public meetings for residents of four neighborhoods regarding the city’s Private Sewer Repair Program.

The meetings for residents of the Delaware, Rountree, University Heights, and Phelps Neighborhoods will take place on consecutive Tuesdays, September 17 & 24, at the Springfield Art Museum from 5:30 until 7 p.m..

The Private Sewer Repair Program is a voluntary program designed to keep rainwater from entering the sewer system, causing backups in homes and allowing untreated water to flow into streams. Phase 7 of the project is focusing on properties that drain into Fassnight Creek.

“This current area of focus is one of the largest drainage basins we’ve tackled with the program so far,” program coordinator Everett Kelley said in a statement. “We thank the residents and business owners in the area for their cooperation during sewer smoke testing and for their willingness to partner with us to help improve the sewer system and conserve community resources.” 

The program will allow homeowners to have improper connections to the sewer system to have repairs made by local plumbers who will be paid by the city. Homeowners must submit to an evaluation of their home’s systems which could take up to two hours.

The program is part of a $200 million overflow control plan to ease the strain on the city’s aging sewer system.

“We have found that for every dollar spent on this program, our sewer customers save more than $11 in capacity improvements,” Environmental Services Director Errin Kemper stated. “Much of this investment goes back into our local economy through our contracts with local plumbing companies.”

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