Jordan Valley Ice Park Rebuilding East Rink’s Ice

Staff at the Jordan Valley Ice Park are preparing the East Rink for the public to chill out once again.

The Ice Park has been closed since August 29th when an external ice plant device failed and they were unable to keep the rinks chilled enough to maintain ice. The floor temperature has to be 15 degrees or colder to maintain ice on the floor of the rinks.

The ice plant has been restored and the floors are once again at the temperatures to make ice, so the Ice Park staff have started working on the East Rink to get at least one sheet of ice back in service to the community.

Staff began rebuilding the ice on Monday, September 9th, and have about 1/4th of an inch on the East Rink. The ice needs to be rebuilt to a depth of at least 1 1/4 inches before it can be used for skating or hockey.

“We build the ice in layers, and every layer of water we spray on the floor brings the floor temperature up before it freezes,” Jeff Cumley, Superintendent of Jordan Valley, said in a statement. “It takes many layers of water before the ice is ready for us to open. It’s a slow process, but we’re working as quickly as we can to rebuild the ice.”

Staff will work to get the West Rink back to operational condition after they finish with the East Rink.

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board announced a revised schedule for events that take place at the Ice Park:

Registered Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey participants for the Aug. 13-Oct. 5 session may make up missed classes during the remainder of the session. Public Ice Skating Session passes included in this program will be valid through the end of October, instead of ending Oct. 5. Current participants will also be offered a 50-percent discount on registration for the next session, Oct. 8-Dec. 7. Refund requests will be prorated and include $10 processing fee. For more information, contact Jolyn Hecht for Learn to Skate and Al Valdivia for Learn to Play Hockey.

Adult Hockey League, scheduled to begin Sept. 15, will now begin Sept. 22. Players should contact their team captains for details.

Junior Bears and Mite Hockey are scheduled to begin as planned. Participants will be emailed details.

Spirit Hockey/Springfield Youth Hockey Association will resume practice on a modified schedule until the West Rink is reopened.

Missouri State Ice Bears will resume practice on a modified schedule until the West Rink is reopened. The first home game of the season for the Ice Bears is Friday, Oct 4.

Public Ice Skating will follow a new modified schedule until the West Rink is reopened.

Anyone with questions about Jordan Valley Ice Park or the changes to schedules is asked to call 417-866-7444.

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