Greene County Sheriff’s Office Taking “Break” from Live PD

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office won’t be in the national spotlight after Sheriff Jim Arnott announced the department will be taking a “break” from participating in the show Live PD.

Arnott posted a statement on the department’s social media pages alerting residents of his decision.

“It has been an honor for the Greene County Sheriff’s office to have been asked to participate in this documentary tv series for the past two years,” Arnott wrote. “While I appreciate the responsibility and the ability to bring the public into our patrol cars and show them the realities of law enforcement, I have requested a break from Live PD in order to focus on other projects and priorities. In so many ways, this program has strengthened our relationships with public and the citizens we serve, without interfering with our daily operations. While we will not be featured on upcoming live episodes, we continue to maintain an excellent relationship with Live PD and we will consider future participation on the program.”

Greene County has been part of the show in some way since Spring 2018, having taken another break between November 2018 and March 2019. In August, a pursuit of a drugged and drunk driver that ended in a fatal crash was partially broadcast on the show.

Critics of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office have long cited the connection with Live PD as one of the sources of their discontent with the department, including Democrat Sara Lampe who made the department’s connection to the show an issue during the 2018 campaign for the county commission.

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