Davis Guilty of All Child Abuse Counts

A man has been found guilty on all counts related to beating his daughter.

Kenneth Robert Davis was found guilty on seven counts of abuse or neglect of a child. The convictions could mean that Davis will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Davis’ daughter had testified during the trial that he had pulled out her hair during beatings. Prosecutors showed jurors photos of the child at the hospital with her hair ripped off; the path of the torn out hair was over six inches long.

The child had told investigator Jennifer Flood that Davis had “hit her on the head with a phone charger, grabbed her and choked her around the neck, spanked her with a belt, and pulled her hair out.”

Davis claimed in testimony the child suffered the injuries during a day at the creek when she fell into a curb and climbed into a car.

Davis will be sentenced by a judge.

Davis is also facing a trial related to the death of 2-year-old Kinzlea Kilgore.

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