Smith Wins Greene County “Top Branch” Award

The Greene County Commissioner have recognized one county employee as the “Top Branch” winner for September.

The award is given to county employees nominated as showing effort above and beyond the assigned normal duties for their job.

The award was given to Karen Smith, who works with the Juvenile Abuse and Neglect Unit.

This is what the person who nominated Smith wrote about her:

Karen volunteered to take over the Teens-N-Transitions program earlier this year. This position does not come with any compensation and she has been running the program along with carrying out her normal job duties as a Deputy Juvenile Officer in the Abuse and Neglect Unit.

The Teens-N-Transitions program is a program that assists in older youth who are currently under the jurisdiction of the court due to circumstances of abuse and/or neglect by their parents.

The program seeks to help the teens in the program transition into independent living with the aid of other community providers. Furthermore, along with her normal job duties and running Teens-N-Transitions, she has been supervising the Abuse and Neglect Unit intern.

Karen constantly goes above and beyond. Her work is outstanding in both her normal job duties and all of the extra work involved with Teens-N-Transitions. Karen is an asset to Greene County and we’re proud to have her on our team.

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