Nixa High School’s “Wingspan” Earns National Journalism Honor

The students involved in Nixa High School’s “Wingspan” publication have received a national journalism honor.

The George H. Gallup Award in New Media Evaluation Critique has been awarded to just 13 school publications in the nation. The award, named after the founder of Quill & Scroll and the Gallup Poll, is for student publications that show “sustained excellence” in the 2018-2019 school year.

“Your newsroom is putting out a publication that lives up to the highest standards of scholastic magazine journalism,” the competition’s judges wrote to the Nixa students. “The variety of issues covered is impressive, and the writing and visual presentation is strong.”

The publication is put out quarterly by students.

The student staff of Wingspan 2018/2019:

  • Editor-In-Chief-Raegan Allen
  • Kaitlyn Byrd
  • Camlen Carlile-Davis
  • Lucy Cave
  • Macie Clark
  • Riley Harris
  • Kaitlyn Jones
  • Nadia May
  • Carli Snyder
  • Alyssa Stewart
  • Madalyn Tuning
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