Sexual Assault Task Force Extension, Financial Disclosure Issues on Tonight’s Springfield City Council Agenda

Springfield City Council will be holding their scheduled meeting Monday night with a resolution and emergency bill that could draw significant community interest.

A resolution open to public comment and possible vote would extend the term of the Sexual Assault Task Force until October 31, 2019. As we reported on August 23, the Task Force had significant differences in what should be in the final report.

As a result of those differences, the task force is asking for a two month extension to hold at least two more meetings including a Q&A session with Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams.

All of the current members of the task force would be retained for the additional time period.

The Council will also be considering an emergency bill regarding disclosure of financial transactions by City Council members, candidates, and certain city employees including the City Manager and City Attorney.

This personal financial disclosure ordinance needs to be updated every two years according to the Missouri Ethics Commission. The deadline for this measure to be done is September 15th, and because this measure was not brought to council in time for two meetings, the measure will be listed as an emergency measure so it can be voted on at this meeting.

The city can either use an ordinance from the Missouri Ethics Commission or they can write one of their own. In this case, the Council is putting into place their own measure.

The measure defines “substantial personal or private interest” for anyone required to file, their spouses, or dependent children. Whether the individuals own the items individually or collectively, the person required to file needs to list the items into the public record.

Should the measure need to be amended, a special meeting of the Council will have to be scheduled before the following Monday.

Here is the ordinance that will be considered tonight and open to public comment regarding the items contained within:


Council will also be considering an appeal on a short-term rental property; conditional use permits for a outdoor dining expansion for Team Taco; a final vote on adjustments to the fee schedules; and more.

The full agenda is below:


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