Highway 65 Northbound Closed For Ten Days Between Highway 60 and Sunshine Street

Highway 65 Northbound from Highway 60 (James River Freeway) and Sunshine Street is now closed for the next ten days to complete the Highway 65 Rebuild.

MoDOT says that the project could wrap up as early as September 14th if weather cooperates with construction.

Drivers are instructed to plan their alternate routes before approaching the construction areas and to allow ample extra time for multiple detours. Traffic will much more intense in the areas around the closures because of increased flow on secondary roadways.

MoDOT notes that drivers who are heading for Interstate 44 can reach the interstate by traveling westbound on Highway 60.

In addition to the closure of Highway 65, and overpasses or ramps that enter into Highway 65 in the closed areas, median crossovers on Highway 60 between Route 65 and Greene County Routes NN/J are also closed during the construction.

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