Robot Battles Highlight Discovery Center’s “Night at the Museum”

If you love watching robots locked into battle inside a cage, then you’re going to love what the Discovery Center has in mind for this weekend!

The “Night at the Museum” fundraiser has a series of events aimed at adults to explore the wonders of science that the area’s younger residents usually discover every day at the museum. The event, which starts at 6 p.m. on Saturday night September 7th, will also give guests the chance to fight zombies in virtual reality, navigate drones through an obstacle course, or use robotic arms like claws to pick up prizes.

 “The beautiful thing about only letting adults come to this event is that it makes sure everyone gets an excuse to explore and support their local science center,” Rob Blevins, Executive Director of the Discovery Center, said in a statement. “It amazes some people when I say this, but you don’t need to have kids to visit or enjoy the Discovery Center. It’s true that we’re vital to education, youth development, workforce development in Southwest Missouri, so I do understand why adults sometimes forget that they are still allowed to love science and be lifelong learners here. From our perspective, having adults in the museum learning about our mission and how we’re one of the best in the nation when it comes to delivering on our mission’s promise means that we can get more supporters, more advocates, more partnership, and do more good for kids right here in the Ozarks.” 

Organizers expect to sell out the 500 slots for the event which allows access to over 60,000 square feet of exhibits and demonstrations. Attendees will learn about STEM technology like 3D printers or virtual reality goggles. The funds for the event go to the Center’s STEM Education for All program.

General admission tickets are $50 and includes food and drinks. The event will also feature live music from a member of the Center’s board.

Tickets can be bought at the Discovery Center in person or online at

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