Branson Aldermen Approve Ticketing Non-Electric Cars Parking in Charging Ports

Branson may not be overrun with electric cars, but Branson city aldermen are taking action against drivers who park in an electric car charging port.

The aldermen have changed the city’s ordinances to say that it is now illegal to park a vehicle in a charging port parking spot unless the vehicle is being charged. The ordinance applies only to public parking spaces, although the ordinance says it can be enforced in private parking areas at the permission of the property owner.

The move allegedly comes because of “a complaint” made through the city’s website.

Initial fine for parking in a charging port parking stall when the vehicle is not an electric car is $25, with repeat offenses facing fines of $150 or more. The fines are similar to the fines for illegally parking in a handicapped parking space.

There are only 21 charging stations in the Branson area.

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