Groundbreaking Takes Place on Sunshine Elementary Renovation

The students at Sunshine Elementary School were able to take part in a part of their school’s history on August 29th, 2019, as they participated in a Groundbreaking Ceremony for renovations on their 155-year-old school.

Dr. Tracy Daniels, principal of Sunshine Elementary, shared the school’s history with those in attendance at the event, starting with its beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse near its current location to expansions and renovations that included air conditioning being added to the school in 2012.

“Fast forward to today, the community of Springfield has voted to help bring Sunshine up to speed structurally in the hope that our school can last another 155 years,” Dr. Daniels said.

The event also included members of the Portland Elementary community because that school will be closed and demolished to make way for a new Jarrett Middle School. Portland students will attend the newly renovated Sunshine Elementary.

“A project like this can’t happen without the cooperation and flexibility of everyone,” Dr. John Jungmann said to the assembly. “We thank you in advance for your patience and adaptability as we continue normal school operations while this construction project evolves over the next 12 months.”

The construction is expected to finish in August 2020. Funds for the project come from Proposition S, which was passed by voters in April.

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