Springfield Councilwoman Fisk Won’t Run For Re-Election

Springfield will have someone new in General Seat A in 2021.

Springfield City Councilwoman Jan Fisk announced that she will not be running for re-election at the end of her current term. The former Mayor Pro Tem holds General Seat A.

“I’ve been on Council for seven years,” Fisk told OI while a guest with OI staff on KWTO 560 AM/93.3 FM’s Morningline show, “By the time I finish it’s nine years. That’s a long time. We need some new blood. And my family wants me back, my husband wants me back, so it’s time to turn [the seat] over to another qualified person and I look forward to scouting around to see who might be interested.”

Fisk said that in her remaining time on Council, she plans to focus on a number of issues.

“I’m very pro business and I hope to be very supportive of some big projects that are coming up that are going to be different for Springfield,” Fisk told OI. “I love different things that happen here that I see in other cities and parts of the country that I think ‘I wish we had that in Springfield’ and I’m starting to see those projects and I’m excited to support them.”

Fisk also said that she wants to work on having updates made to the City’s Charter, which she feels is outdated in some areas.

“That charter was written in 1963 and I was a baby!” Fisk said. “Springfield has changed since then! It was a different type of government. It was more Council run then and now we have a city manager that makes all the decisions. So it’s something that just needs to be brought into the 21st Century. I said to the Mayor I would love to be a part of that committee and bring [the Charter] up to date. It’s just so outdated. I’m shocked it’s taken this long for this to be noticed.”

Fisk has been the subject of an investigation due to a citizen who filed multiple complaints against her with the Missouri Ethics Commission. The Commission forwarded one of the complaints to Springfield Mayor Ken McClure in February stating they felt there was “reasonable grounds to refer the case for violation.”

The City appointed St. Louis attorney Kevin O’Keefe to look into the allegations, the same attorney who looked into allegations made against former Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky. The investigation is currently ongoing and no information about the investigation has been released to the media by the city regarding O’Keefe’s work.

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