Greene County Sheriff Provides Temporary Jail Options to Commission

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott formally presented the Greene County Commission with information outlining the costs for a 300 bed temporary jail compared to the costs for housing prisoners out of the county.

The information provided during a Greene County Commission meeting showed that the county would save at least $1.5 million, and potentially just over $1.9 million, with the installation of a temporary jail in the parking lot of the Greene County Judicial Center.

A 3-year lease for a temporary jail in the parking lot will cost just over $6.8 million per year, compared to just over $8.3 million to house prisoners out of the county. The savings to the county would be just over $1.5 million. If the jail were placed across the street, the cost would be around $10.1 million, costing the county an addition $1.765 million.

A 4-year lease with the same terms would be a $6.4 million annual cost, a $1.92 million savings to the County. The jail across the street would run just under $9 million, a $636,000 additional cost to the county.

The Commission has not decided yet on their plans for a temporary jail.

Below is the proposed layout for the jail if located in the parking lot of the Judicial Center.

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