Evangel Receives Grant for Facilities Upgrades

Evangel University has announced receiving a $300,000 grant for renovations and upgrades on the campus.

The grant from the Sunderland Foundation of Overland Park, Kansas will be designated for the University’s Sustainability Renovation Project, and has already funded some items.

“Thanks to the Sunderland grant money, we were able to complete several projects this summer, and we are already experiencing significant savings,” Brian Hauff, director of facilities, said in a statement.

Improvements include changing lighting units to LED in two residence halls and Kendrick Library, along with changes to plumbing fixtures that would increase water conservation.

The school anticipates that Sunderland funded upgrades will save the school over $26,000 annually in energy costs.

“When the Sustainability Renovation Project is completed, 18 of Evangel’s buildings will be impacted, and emissions will be reduced by an amount equal to the electricity usage of 403 homes each year,” Hauff said.

The Sunderland Foundation focuses on funding grants for construction projects including planning, design, construction, renovation, repairs, and restoration of facilities.

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