Drury Enrollment Holds Steady

Drury University has announced traditional undergraduate enrollment will hold steady for the fall 2019 semester.

The plateau is unusual for Drury in recent years when the school has seen growth of about 12 percent in students over the last four years, but even with a plateau the school is still well ahead of national trends showing reductions in student populations.

“Colleges and universities are facing strong headwinds when it comes to enrollment,” Kevin Kropf, executive vice president of enrollment management at Drury, said in a release. “Some of the reasons why include a strong economy, demographic changes leading to fewer high school graduates and, for some, doubts about making an investment in their education. Drury remains in a strong position because of our recruiting efforts in recent years and because of the great value we provide. We are in an especially strong position today as we launch a new academic experience – Your Drury Fusion – that truly sets a Drury education apart.”

The incoming class at Drury maintained the strong academic profile of previous incoming classes, with an average ACT of 25 and GPA of 3.8.

College enrollment across the state of Missouri has fallen ten percent over the last five years, and nationwide enrollment is down 1.7 percent. Drury officials credit a Strategic Enrollment Program created in 2015 with helping the school maintain enrollment rates in the midst of the significant statewide decline.

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