Willard High School Choir Invited to Perform at Statewide Conference

The Willard High School Chamber Choir will be heading to Osage Beach in January as part of a statewide educators conference.

The school district announced the Choir will be performing as part of the 82nd Annual Missouri Music Educators Association Conference at the Tan-Tar-A Conference Center.

“I’m so proud of these students!” Willard Director of Choirs Mark Lawley told OI. “They worked very hard to perfect the songs that we submitted on the audition. Because the audition goes to an out of state committee and the choirs aren’t identified besides a number – you never know for sure if the committee will like your sound or songs! There were about 150 choirs that auditioned and only 10 were selected! This is a huge honor, and now we’re preparing a great concert for the MMEA Conference where the audience will be between 600 and 1,000 of Missouri Music Educators. People say it is the most discerning but also the most celebratory audience! Willard has enjoyed invitational performances for MMEA in 1999, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2016 and now in 2020! We are thrilled and elated!”

The Choir was selected out of 180 ensembles from around the state applied to perform at the conference. A slot performing at the conference is considered one of the highest statewide honors for a high school music ensemble.

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