Ozarks Radio Legend Wayne Glenn to “Reboot” Show

An Ozarks staple for 42 years has come to an end…but will be “rebooted” in a new way.

Wayne Glenn has announced he is ending the weekend programs he’s done for 42 years and is launching a new “reboot” of “Remember When” that will last only for one hour on Saturdays from 10 to 11 a.m.. Glenn’s previous Saturday show on KTXR would last for seven hours.

Glenn, known as “the Old Record Collector”, has been collecting vinyl records since 1969. He bought his first record as a graduation present for himself after gaining a teaching degree from then Southwest Missouri State College (now Missouri State University.)

“After the graduation I went to KATZ Drug and Department Store over on South Glenstone and checked out their record department,” Glenn said.

His last count showed over 15,000 records in his collection, which he finds at flea markets, auctions, garage sales, and other similar locations.

Glenn said that his wife has always been in his corner when it came to his passion for collecting records.

“Nira supported me in my hobby and my dreams from the start till now,” he said.

Glenn intends to continue collecting records even if he’s changing the way he appears on the radio. He plans to continue writing his next book on Ozarks history (he’s written over a dozen.)

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