Greene County Sheriff Seeking Info in Lynch Incident

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in the investigation into the crazed driving incident on August 3, 2019 that ended in a fatal collision that took the lives of three people.

Andrew Lynch is facing multiple charges including three counts of second degree murder after his rampage that killed Jamin, Kimberly, and Braeden Seabert. Lynch was intoxicated at a level almost three times the legal limit and had methamphetamine in his system.

The GCSO is asking for the public’s help to determine Lynch’s actions in the 32 minutes prior to the fatal crash. He drove through parts of north Springfield and Greene County causing multiple collisions and property damage.

The department also released a video taken from a security camera at a convenience store next to the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds on Norton Road showing Lynch almost striking a group of pedestrians in a crosswalk. The GCSO is asking to speak with the people who were in the crosswalk or anyone whose vehicle or property was damaged by Lynch during his crazed driving incident.

Anyone connected to the incident or who may have witnessed Lynch’s actions prior to the fatal crash is asked to call the Greene County Sheriff’s Tip Line at 417-829-6230.

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