Local Musician Joe Dillstrom Releases New Album

Local singer/songwriter Joe Dillstrom has announced the release of a new album, Highways & Byways.

Dillstrom modeled the solo acoustic record after several classic “songwriter’s document” style albums such as The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska.” The album, which took two years to record, was produced in an old-fashioned way: recording to analog and then transferring it to digital.

“The twelve selections that make up this album tell five different stories,” Dillstrom said in a social media release. “”One More Moment”, “Exit Next Right”, “Highways & Byways”, “In A Violet Night”, and “Take A Page (Out of Me)” track the journey of the speaker on the road starting at sunset and ending a number of days later at dawn. “Magdelena” and “Charlie” tell the story of two young lovers from opposite viewpoints. “Montgomery”, “Tecumseh Blues”, and “What A Long Goodbye” center on a teenage boy who decides to take a joyride (naturally, he doesn’t have a license). “Mosey On Over, Babe” and “Johnny Walker Red” are standalone blues songs that sketch two kinds of people you’ve undoubtedly met before.”

Dillstrom says he wants to do a full band version of many of the same songs in a future EP or full album.

“I’m proud of the work that went into these songs and I hope that they speak to [listeners] in some way,” Dillstrom said.

The album is available through Spotify and digital platforms like iTunes. Dillstrom says a limited number of CDs will be available at his live performances around the region.

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