Greene County Sheriff Informs Commission About Temporary Jail Options

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott addressed the County Commission on Thursday regarding possibilities for a temporary jail facility.

The Sheriff gave the Commission four options, two options for each of two locations that could house a temporary jail facility made of trailers that would hold 300 beds.

The first option would put the jail across the street from the current facility in the location was initially going to be the building site for the new jail. This option would be more expensive because in addition to the trailers and other necessities for the temporary jail, they would also have to build a storm shelter, because jail staff would not be able to shuttle prisoners across the street in the event of a tornado.

If the Commission were to choose that option, the lease cost for three years would be $36.65 per bed per day, and a four-year lease would cost $29.59 per bed per day.

The other option is to place the temporary facility in the parking lot of the judicial center directly beside the current jail and Sheriff’s offices. This option would allow the county to save money over the life of the lease because they could use the current storm shelter.

If the Commission were to take this option, the cost would be $33.46 per bed per day for a three year lease, $26.34 per bed per day for a four year lease.

The temporary facilities could take up to six months to be constructed for use.

This presentation to the Commission was informational in nature and not formal proposals to the Commission. Sheriff Arnott said he would like some direction from the Commission regarding which types of options they found more appealing so he could get firm information for the Commissioners to consider for formal action.

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