Sewer Smoke Testing in Rountree, Delaware, Phelps and University Heights in August

Things are going to be smokin’ in multiple Springfield neighborhoods this August but it won’t be because of the heat.

Springfield’s Environmental Services announced they will be doing smoke testing in the sanitary sewer system across four neighborhoods: Rountree, Delaware, Phelps, and University Heights.

The testing is scheduled to begin on August 6th and will continue through the end of the month (weather permitting.) The tests will help engineers determine where leaks exist within the sewer system.

The area where the work is being done corresponds with stormwater basins that drain into Fassnight Creek.

The smoke is non-toxic, colorless, odorless, and does not create a fire hazard. There will be flashing road signs along major routes in the area warning about the test and 911 operations will be informed ahead of time in case someone is aware of the test and calls emergency services.

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