Springfield City Council Meeting Preview July 29, 2019

A new Community Improvement District headlines what could be a short Springfield City Council meeting tonight.

With a host of items on the agenda for second reading, the only bill that is currently open for public hearing would be a bill creating the Galloway Community Improvement District.

The District would be able to impose a sale and use tax up to 1 percent on all retail sales in the District. The tax would have to be approved by voters in a mail-in election controlled by the Greene County Clerk.

The tax, if approved, would be used for “various public improvements and services directed toward beautification, improved walkability and public safety, and marketing the District as a vibrant and unique mixed-use corridor in Springfield.”

The petition to the city for the District required real property owners who have 50% or more of the property and be over 50% of the property owners. The petition was certified with 52% of real property owners who have just over 85% of the total assessed value of real property.

The initial board of directors for the District, if passed, would include for four year terms: Jessica Pearson, Amie Vandamme, Dusty Emmert, Rhett Smillie, Kelly Oosterhuis, Debra Moore, and Jennifer Duensing. Directors for two year terms would be: Bob Belote, Derek Shimeall, Thomas H. Hearne, Richard Kennedy, Dr. Jamie Kurucz, Jarad Johnson, and Jeff Haynes.

The Galloway Village Neighborhood Association would be permitted to have one appointed representative, but they would have no voting rights.

Two resolutions that could have public comment would be related to adjusting the Census Tract and Block Group boundaries to match the Neighborhood Service Areas, and a resolution that would adopt the priorities the Council laid out during their retreat.

Under new business, there is a motion to refer consideration for the Springfield City Flag to the Community Involvement Committee.

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