Blunt Talks Trade at Ozark Empire Fair

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt met with a group of farmers inside the Beef House at the Ozark Empire Fair Saturday morning to talk about trade and its impact on Missouri’s farm families.

Blunt specifically addressed the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement (or USMCA) which he said would update NAFTA agreements and help position the U.S. moving forward to maintain benefits for the state of Missouri.

Senator Roy Blunt speaks with farmers in the Beef House at the Ozark Empire Fair

“The [USMCA] will allow us to continue doing as well as we have been,” Blunt told reporters. “Missouri would be the fifth most negatively impacted state if the NAFTA agreement were to go away. I think the president’s newly drafted agreement improves NAFTA some, but more importantly it updates it and allows us to move forward.”

“I think the bill passes the Senate easily,” Blunt continued, “and I believe it passes the House easily if Speaker Pelosi would just allow it to come to a vote.”

Blunt also addressed trade with southeast Asia, saying the United States needs a deal similar to the Trans-Pacific Partnership that is crafted more with the U.S. style of trade in mind instead of China.

Blunt said that China makes deals thinking the deal is the only one they will ever need, while the U.S. makes deal looking ten years down the line toward a new deal.

Blunt also addressed rural broadband in regards to how it helps Missouri’s farming families prepare for America’s economic future.

“World food demand is going to double by 2050,” Blunt said. “We have to raise twice as much food on basically the same amount of land. They’ll need to know exactly where they are, exactly what that piece of land needs, what exactly that particular crop would need. Precision agriculture is going to be very important.”

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