Cookies with Rookies Draws Crowd to Mall

The first “Cookies with Rookies” event held by the Springfield Police Department at the Battlefield Mall drew a steady crowd of citizens who wanted to meet the newest members of the police force.

The event even had people waiting before the police even arrived at the mall to meet with the rookies.

“It’s great to meet with people in a non-law enforcement way,” rookie Trevor Merkling told OI. “It’s a wonderful chance for them to see what we do and for us to be able to get to know them and hear their stories.”

Many residents brought out their kids who posted for pictures with the officers while eating their cookies.

Police Chief Paul Williams was on hand to be part of the festivities.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” Williams told OI. “It’s a new event and we’re really sure how it was going to go off, especially in a big public place like the Mall’s food court. There was a dozen people waiting for these rookies to get here.”

“I see it all the time, the support from the community,” Williams continued, “I’ve talked to three or four of the new officers already and they’re amazed. I’m thrilled with the turnout, the response from the public and I’m thrilled with the recruits.”

Here’s some photos from the event:

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