Springfield Teacher Named Regional Teacher of the Year

Courtney Dameron, Springfield Public Schools’ Teacher of the year for 2019-2020, has now earned the honor of Missouri Department of Education Regional Teacher of the Year.

With the new honor, Dameron will be in competition for Missouri Teacher of the Year, which will be announced in August.

“I believe in engaging curriculum that benefits a student for their lifespan,” Dameron said in a statement. “My students succeed in my classes not just because of the strategies chosen, but because I do my best to create meaningful relationships with each and every single one of them. I respect them as the young adults they are.” 

Dameron focuses on a “blended learning” approach, where she uses technology as a way to engage students and help them discover the places where they have the greatest potential. She says that using classic teaching methods with technology has created “great outcomes” for students.

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