Vandalism Forces Republic Aquatic Center to Close for Second Day

The Republic Aquatic Center was forced to close for a second straight day following an attack of vandalism.

Sometime between the center’s closing on July 13th and arrival of staff on July 14th, someone threw a lawn mower into the pool. The result of the action is that the pool’s filter system had to be replaced, the pool drained, cleaned, disinfected and tested for the presence of hazardous materials (such as gasoline and oil from the mower.)

The closure of the pool also means the city is losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue each day, with some estimates putting the total damages well over ten thousand dollars.

In addition to the direct damage and loss of revenue to the city, several private parties and birthday parties had to be cancelled, swimming lessons cancelled, and employees of the facility were not paid for the closed days.

Republic police are looking for anyone who might have information about the vandalism. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call 911.

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