Three Arrested in Illegal Gambling Investigation

Three Springfield men are behind bars after being arrested as part of an investigation into an illegal gambling operation.

Police raided “The Club House” at Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Road Thursday. William Schroeder, 44, Jeremy Smith, 40, and Ryan Bailey, 36, all of Springfield, were taken into custody as part of the raid.

Search warrants were also served at the resident of the business’s owner in Southwest Springfield and two local banks, seizing accounts connected to the business.

Police seized gambling devices, records and what was termed “proceeds from illegal gambling operations.”

The club had been billing itself as a “social club.” Members reportedly had to pay a $20 monthly fee, a $15 charge per daily visit and then $5 an hour to sit and play cards. Players could then allegedly play for money.

The men were arrested for promoting gambling but as of press time had not been officially charged.

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