Missouri Attorney General Visits Springfield for Rape Kit Initiative

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt visited Springfield Wednesday to examine progress being made in the state’s significant backlog of untested sexual assault test kits.

The AG stopped by Mercy Hospital and the Springfield Police Department as part of promotion of his “Safe Kits Initiative” which has a three-phase goal of eliminating the backlog of kit testing. The AG’s office says Schmitt’s goal with the program is to get the state in a position where there will never be another backlog in the testing of sexual assault test kits.

Phase one of the Safe Kits Initiative is to inventory all the untested kits to have a record of the testing that needs to be done. Phase two is setting up a system to track the testing of all the kits and the final phase is the actual kit testing.

According to Schmitt’s office, the number of untested sexual assault kits in Missouri is over 5,000 and there is concern the backlog in testing of kits would be a deterrent for victims to come forward and report crimes.

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