Staff Shortage Brings Closure of Mercy’s Addiction Recovery Center

Mercy is preparing for the closure of their Addiction Recovery Center, although the closure is not something Mercy officials were forced to because of budget issues.

The healthcare provider says the move is being done because they cannot find enough qualified staff to keep the facility running in an effective manner.

“Mercy Springfield has been trying for many months to recruit clinicians and co-workers for its Addiction Recovery Center,” Mercy spokeswoman Sonya Kullman told OI in a statement. “However, due to a nationwide shortage of providers with addiction and mental health expertise, we’ve been unable to fill those open positions and therefore cannot offer comprehensive services. Fewer than a dozen patients are still seeking care through our Addiction Recovery Center, and we believe they will be better served receiving care through our community partners like Burrell Behavioral Health.”

Mercy has not yet set a date for closure of the center.

“[Mercy] will contact patients directly with more information,” Kullman said.