Springfield-Branson National Airport Begins Parking Expansion

The airport is giving you more places to leave your car along with working to give you a VIP way to handle parking when you’re rushing out for a flight.

The airport has begun construction on over 700 additional parking slots which will be on top of the 300 added just under three years ago. The airport has cited current lots often being full and leading to cars illegally parking as a driving force in the parking expansion.

The final development will allow for 2,700 vehicles to be parked at the airport.

The construction is part of a number of changes related to parking that are in the works with the airport. Valet parking is scheduled to be available before the end of 2019 and in 2020 charging stations for electric vehicles are scheduled to be installed on site.

The airport is asking people to show up at least two hours before a scheduled flight because of the construction and potential delays that could come from finding a parking slot.

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