Springfield Art Museum Sets Attendance Record

The traffic keeps going up and up at the Springfield Art Museum.

The Museum announced Monday their third straight year of record breaking attendance. Over 63,300 visitors have toured the museum’s displays since last July, and the museum is routinely serving 10,000 more visitors annual than the previous record set in 2004.

“These attendance figures demonstrate consistent, day-to-day use of the Museum as a valuable educational resource,” Museum Director Nick Nelson said in a statement. “These figures aren’t tied to some outside ‘blockbuster show’ or event. We are proud that our visitors are making real connections with our collection, in addition to all the exciting traveling exhibitions and community events happening at the Museum.”

The museum is using the increased attendance as a reason their new 30 Year Master Plan is so key to the community. The plan, announced in late 2018, includes reconfiguration of existing properties and improvements to the museum grounds. There are also plans to connect the museum to Phelps Grove Park and other area amenities.

“We are excited to bring some of this record-breaking attention and energy to our surrounding amenities, not only to make our building and grounds more user-friendly, but to create a museum campus destination experience,” Nelson said.

The museum admission is free, so donations are being accepted to help fund the Museum’s 30 Year Master Plan.

The museum is currently hosting the Watercolor USA 2019 exhibition along with a newly acquired piece of art from Missouri artist Nick Cave. The Cave work was obtained with insurance money from a settlement after seven Andy Warhol screen prints were stolen in 2016.

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