Help Springfield Public School Students With Needed Supplies

The Springfield Public School district is opening opportunities for community members and area organizations to help students have the tools they need to succeed at the start of the school year.

“Ready. Set. Supply!” is a program designed to help individual teachers and schools obtain the supplies they specifically need for their students. Last year, more than 50 organizations partnered with the district to help over 6,800 students but in some cases there were issues with supplies in some classes.

The district gave a few examples of issues:

  • The same list of supplies doesn’t work for all schools
  • Some schools still have gaps in supplies, requiring teachers to spend money from their own pocket (in some cases up to $600 a year!)
  • Supplies don’t make it to school or get lost if a student transfers to another school
  • The wrong supplies can be purchased or too much of an item, such as 64 count crayons when teachers request 24.

The district is also offering specific sponsorship opportunities for businesses that would prefer to make a cash donation to help rather than purchase supplies.

If you want to help students in the district get their needed items, contact Lisa Searles (417-523-0315 or with SPS for more information.

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