Drury Sees Large Jump in Alumni Gifts

Drury had a very good year for alumni gifts.

The University released a statement showing a 9.4% increase in the number of alumni giving to the school during the last school year.

“Our connections with alumni are invaluable,” Amy Amason, executive vice president for development and campaign director, said in a statement. “Universities across the country understand that their institutions are only as strong as the alumni who support it, which is why we are so grateful to each and every Drury alumnus who made a gift this year.”

The gifts to the university totaled over $16.5 million, funding elements of “Your Drury Fusion” and the campus master plan.

Drury head Dr. Tim Cloyd indicated this increase in support shows the alumni is pleased with Drury’s plans.

“This is an incredible total for a small, private university like Drury. Our alumni and friends are continuing to build on our momentum by investing in the vision we’ve cast together as the Drury Family,” Dr. Cloyd said in a statement. “Their support makes it possible not only to meet our mission, but to do so in bold new ways that will have a lasting impact for generations to come. On behalf of all of us at Drury, I offer sincere thanks to everyone who donated this year.”

(Photo courtesy Drury)