Greene County Sheriff Warns on Fireworks

The Greene County Sheriff wants to remind citizens in unincorporated parts of the county that it’s legal to set off fireworks, but that even though it’s legal, they need to be good neighbors.

The Sheriff says that residents can be cited for disturbing the peace for firing off fireworks in a manner that is a significant bother to neighbors. He specifically mentioned setting off fireworks in the later hours of the night.

“Our first answer is to try and resolve the issue civilly between each other,” the Sheriff’s office posted on social media. “If that does not work then call 911 and we will respond.”

“We want you to enjoy your fireworks, but please be respectful.”

A peace disturbance violation is a Class B misdemeanor on a first conviction and Class A on second conviction. Third or more violations result in a fine between $1,000 and $5,000.

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