Springfield Superintendent Found Fishing on the Job

Springfield Public Schools Superintendent John Jungmann was caught fishing on the job Tuesday.

Students and parents that caught him couldn’t have been happier about it.

Dr. Jungmann was fishing as part of a field trip, one of several trips that are part of the first session of the Explore! summer program.

Jungmann and a group of second and third graders met at Watershed Center of the Ozarks at Valley Water Mill Park. They spent time fishing as part of the “outdoor experience” curriculum. The students were taught about water specimens and fish, along with water cycles. They students also hiked trails in the park.

Jungmann also took time Tuesday to join “Outdoor U” middle school students at Lake Springfield who were kayaking at Lake Springfield. The students were taking part in a program that taught biology in nature. The program involved fly-fishing, hiking, and survival skills.

Session 2 of the summer Explore! program starts on July 8 and registration is open for the session.