Springfield Nearing Settlement with Family of Woman Killed in Pursuit Crash

The City of Springfield could be reaching an end to a lawsuit from the family of a woman killed in a crash that was caused during a police pursuit.

Dana Soward was killed in 2018 when her vehicle was struck by a car driven by Tommy Morris, Jr., who was fleeing from the Springfield police department at the time.

The family of Soward claims that the accident would likely not have happened if the police were not chasing Morris through a residential area. The Springfield Police Department has long claimed they were not in active pursuit of Morris, who was being sought in a drug investigation.

The potential settlement by the city’s insurance provider would be just under $430,000, a maximum amount that is determined by state law, and must be approved by a judge. The city would not admit any fault in the settlement.

The City of Springfield has not yet commented on the potential settlement.

(Headline photo courtesy GoFundMe.)